Canopy flocking camp running from 12th March – 14 March 2024 at Skydive Taupo
Let’s flock sh!t up!
Groups will start with small static formations but working towards larger static and dynamic flows.
Registrations will close 31 Jan to allow for camp confirmation so please get in early so we can come play in beautiful Taupo.
Jesse Warren & Niall Saunders
Matty Walker

– This camp will be limited to 12 participants and is expected that participants attend all 3 days.
– Participants will be organised into 2 groups based on wingloading and canopy type, with the aim of keeping the same groups for the camp.
– Extensively debriefing is included with the aim to gain solid foundational knowledge and skills in the art of flocking
– We aim to do 5 jumps per day and is expected that participants participate in every jump to allow groups to progress.

– MANDATORY attendance to the safety briefing
– Must have basic understanding of canopy inputs
– Wingloading between 2.2-2.8ish
– Must have good situational awareness and discipline to follow flight paths and execute a safe break off, separation and landing order.
– Must have 2 hook knives easily accessible on harness
– Preferred to be confident in using an RDS or option for full RDS

Registration fee for this camp will be $480 NZD $450 AUD for all 3 days.
Please fill out the registration form and pay your registration fee to secure your slot.
This event is proudly supported by NZPF and Taupo Tandem Skydive.
Team Nexus!
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