Just to let you know about our plans so far for NZPF Nationals 2022…
Freefall Nationals – 26 & 27 (28th weather day)Feb 2022, Skydive Abel Tasman
Belly – We will definitely have a 4 way category (A, AA, AAA as per regos). The plan is to send footage of competition rounds to be judged remotely by FAI judges. We will also run a blast 2 way category if there’s interest.
Wingsuiting – Last year we just did the judging ourselves with a little help from Flysight technology and highly experienced wingsuiters. We think this would be a good format again this year if we have interest.
Freefly – A few people have already flagged that they are interested in seeing a freefly category at Nats this year. If you are keen to get your freefly on for Nats, get in touch and we can decide what format it should take.
Canopy Piloting Nationals – 19 & 20 March 2022, Skydive Auckland
We will run a homegrown comp for Canopy Pilots, like last year. Unfortunately we have no current FAI CP judges in NZ. This comp cannot be judged remotely. So our plan is to train a team of volunteers to help us judge the comp as close to FAI rules as possible. Chris Stewart has generously agreed to train volunteers and Chris Brook has (really helpfully!) agreed to act as head judge. Thank you!!
We will plan for an Open and Inter category in Accuracy, Distance and Freestyle. We don’t have the technology to run a speed category.
We will be reaching out to CPs around NZ in the coming days to see if they are keen to be involved either in helping organise the event or as a participant. Or feel free to comment below.
Rego will be opening soon for these events. Stay tuned….