NZPF has made a $5000 fund available for Skills Camp taking place between now and end of April 2024.

To apply, click here –

Other criteria for funding from the Skills Camp Fund 2023/24:
– The skills camp is taking place at a drop zone in NZ.
– NZPF members are welcome to attend.
– You are submitting this application at least 4 weeks before your event.
– You are planning a skills camp and not a boogie (see below)
By skills camp we mean a skydiving/parachuting training event focused on progressing skills. There is proper briefing and preparation for skydives as well as robust debriefs using adequate video footage. A coach is available to skydive/coach participants for the duration of the event and skydivers generally stick to the same discipline for the day/event. 
boogie is a fun event with lots of different skydiving happening. There is less or no focus on briefing/debriefing skydives and skydivers tend to change around disciplines throughout the day/event and take part in novelty skydives. We accept there can be a skills camp component to some boogies so if you are unsure if you are eligible please make an application giving details about your event and we will get back you.