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Upcoming Events

World Championships 2021

The World Skydiving Championships 2021 (a.k.a. Mondial 2020) is set to take place in Siberia in August 2021. One of NZ's top canopy pilots, Lee Barraclough, is preparing to travel to the World Championships this year to fly the New Zealand flag. Wish him luck!!

Safety Day

This year the NZPF is taking over responsibility for bringing “Safety Day” to the New Zealand skydiving community. We are still ironing out the details but it looks like we will welcome you to Safety Day in September 2021 in Taupo. Hope you can join us in person for...

iFly Tunnel Camp

NZPF is planning it’s very first tunnel camp at iFLY Queenstown in June 2021. Details will be released very soon. We are very excited to be working with iFLY Queenstown to help our members get more tunnel time and progression to those ninja skills. Stay tuned!

Taupo Big Way Camp

NZPF is sponsoring the Big Way Camp at Taupo Tandem Skydiving on 22-23 May 2021. We are stoked to be covering some extra altitude for all you big way skydivers. We hope this sponsorship will help you build some epic big way formations over stunning Lake Taupo.

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Photo by Skydive Auckland

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What's going on in the world of NZ parachuting

NZPF Nationals 2021

NZPF Nationals 2021

In late March the NZPF facilitated the first nationals skydiving competition to be held on home soil for a few years. Big thanks to Skydive Auckland for hosting us. We had 2-way (rookie) 4-way (A and AAA), wingsuit (Int and open in performance) and CP categories (Int...

Virtual Skydiving Competitions

Virtual Skydiving Competitions

In keeping with the (wild) times, the NZPF is keen to bring you more virtual skydiving competitions. These are competitions you can complete at your home drop zone and send footage to be judged. Our first attempt at virtual competitions was “Clash of the Kiwis” and we...

Sporty Fund

Sporty Fund

The NZPF makes a Sporty Fund available annually. This year the Sporty Fund was $5,000 and there are still funds available. The Sporty Fund was created to support NZPF members running sports skydiving events. If you are planning a sporty event you can apply for up to...

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