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The NZPF team are busy beavering away on various projects behind the scenes to make NZ skydiving better for everyone. Here is a quick summary of what’s going on:

Upcoming Events

World Championships 2021

The World Skydiving Championships 2021 (a.k.a. Mondial 2020) is set to take place in Siberia in August 2021. One of NZ's top canopy pilots, Lee Barraclough, is preparing to travel to the World Championships this year to fly the New Zealand flag. Wish him luck!!

NZPF Safety Day – Rego Open!

The NZPF is bringing you “ NZPF Safety Day” on 11 Sept 2021 in Taupo. The event is kindly hosted by Taupo Tandem Skydive. Get registered for NZPF Safety Day 2021 here (it’s free of charge!) : https://forms.gle/DyPNjdn5KN4LajHb6 Join us in Taupo for an action-packed...

iFly Tunnel Camp

NZPF is planning it’s very first tunnel camp at iFLY Queenstown in June 2021. Details will be released very soon. We are very excited to be working with iFLY Queenstown to help our members get more tunnel time and progression to those ninja skills. Stay tuned!

Taupo Big Way Camp

NZPF is sponsoring the Big Way Camp at Taupo Tandem Skydiving on 22-23 May 2021. We are stoked to be covering some extra altitude for all you big way skydivers. We hope this sponsorship will help you build some epic big way formations over stunning Lake Taupo.

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Recent Posts

NZPF Nationals 2021

NZPF Nationals 2021

In late March the NZPF facilitated the first nationals skydiving competition to be held on home soil for a few years. Big thanks to Skydive Auckland for hosting us. We had 2-way (rookie) 4-way (A and AAA), wingsuit (Int and open in performance) and CP categories (Int and open in distance, accuracy, and freestyle). We offered funding from our Nationals Training Fund for anyone struggling to meet the cost of training for nationals.

Virtual Skydiving Competitions

Virtual Skydiving Competitions

In keeping with the (wild) times, the NZPF is keen to bring you more virtual skydiving competitions. These are competitions you can complete at your home drop zone and send footage to be judged. Our first attempt at virtual competitions was “Clash of the Kiwis” and we learned heaps. Clash of the Kiwis ended on 21 Feb 2021 and a big congrats to Fallout Four for winning the 4 way category. Yeah Boyz! We will be launching our next virtual skydiving competition real soon, so stay tuned (and current!).

Sporty Fund

Sporty Fund

The NZPF makes a Sporty Fund available annually. This year the Sporty Fund was $5,000 and there are still funds available. The Sporty Fund was created to support NZPF members running sports skydiving events. If you are planning a sporty event you can apply for up to $500 or $1000 funding. You need to apply at least a month before the event is due to take place. Click here for more info and the Sporty Fund Application

New Website Build

Our new website is finally live!! Yahoo! In redeveloping our website we really wanted to create an impartial resource for skydivers to access current info about skydiving in NZ. Whether you want to learn to skydive solo or you are an experienced skydiver needing info, we hope you find our website a useful resource. If you have any ideas about how we can do things better… please get in touch.

Collaboration with NZPIA

We are very pleased to announce that we are now working collaboratively with the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA https://www.nzpia.co.nz/) for the benefit of NZ skydiving. The NZPIA has committed to supporting sports skydiving in NZ and we are stoked to have them on our team. NZPF/NZPIA collaborative projects already completed are:

Watch this space for more exciting collaborative projects from NZPF and NZPIA. Be excited…his means goooood things for NZ skydiving!

NZPF Projects Coordinator

This year we created a new role called NZPF Projects Coordinator. The NZPF Projects Coordinator does administrative and office duties for the NZPF i.e. answering enquiries, coordinating the voluntary NZPF team and overseeing NZPF projects to ensure they are progressing in accordance with NZPF objectives. This role is separate to the Executive Committee of the NZPF and so it is not subject to be voted on every 2 years. It’s a part time paid position (with buckets of voluntary work!). It’s ok for someone to hold the NZPF Projects Coordinator position and be on the NZPF Executive Committee at the same time. However, when their tenure on the committee comes to an end, they stay on as the NZPF Projects Coordinator to allow for better succession in NZPF projects. The Executive Committee oversees the work of the NZPF Projects Coordinator. NZPIA is providing funding to NZPF to cover the first years remuneration of the NZPF Projects Coordinator. Big thanks to the NZPIA for supporting this initiative. Sue Walsh is the first appointed NZPF Projects Coordinator (beer has already been bought!). Sue is also the current President of the NZPF.

Strategic Plan

Back in 2019 we worked extensively with an expert consultant to get a Strategic Plan in place for NZPF. This idea was to create a blueprint to guide us in our mission to facilitate and support more sports skydiving in NZ through to the end of 2022. We are still very focused on the NZPF Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 and use it as a tool to drive our objectives and planned projects. You can access an up-to-date version of the NZPF Strategic Plan here

Social Media Coordinator

We recently created a Social Media Coordinator to improve our presence on social media. We want to use our social media outlets to better communicate with our members, to showcase NZ skydiving, to educate about skydiving, to let you know about skydiving events and to better connect the community of NZ skydivers. Lily Cooney has been appointed as our first Social Media Coordinator and we are so grateful for her expert and dedicated contribution. You rock Lily!

Ladies Record

We planned to attempt a new NZ Ladies RW record in April 2020. We were aiming for a 20 way. After completion of a series of training camps Covid had other plans… and the record attempt was postponed. We are pleased to announce that plans to reschedule the record attempt are now underway and it’s looking like March/April 2022. We will announce details and dates for training camps in the coming weeks.

NZ Drop Zones

Our Accomplishments

Here are some recently completed projects you might like to read about!

Guide to Wingsuiting in NZ

The NZPF brought together an advisory group of experienced wingsuiters from both NZ and Aussie to consider what guidance is needed for wingsuiting in NZ at this time. Their advice and knowledge was put together by the NZPF in an easy-to-read guide.

This guide was produced in response to feedback received from some DZ operators in NZ that know little about wingsuiting and are therefore nervous about welcoming wingsuiters to their DZ. The Guide to Wingsuiting in NZ gives guidance to DZ operators about novice wingsuiters, suit sizes etc.

The Guide also explains how to learn to wingsuit in NZ and what skydivers sharing the sky with wingsuiters should now. Read the guide in full on our Resources Page. This guide was produced with the generous support of the NZPIA.

Canopy Essential Skills & Downsizing

This guide was produced by NZPF and designed to help skydivers gain a better understand of their parachute and how it flies. If you are a skydiver, then you are also a canopy pilot on every jump. Having a solid understanding of how your canopy performs and responds will make you a better and safer pilot.

Downsizing to a smaller canopy is something all skydivers will do sooner or later, and most skydivers will do many times. This is a big decision that should be carefully considered every time. This guide discusses the information you should know and the essential skills you should master before choosing to downsize your canopy.

Check out our Resources Page for a copy of this guide. This guide was produced with the generous support of the NZPIA.

NZPF Values, Conduct & Respect Policy

Knowledge, Champion, Fairness, Fun… these are the core values of the NZPF. Read more about them on our Resources Page.

You can also read through our Conduct & Respect Policy – here at the NZPF we are committed to treating each other with respect. It costs nothing to be nice!

We expect all NZPF officials, members, and associates to abide by our Conduct & Respect Policy.

We’re Planning!

Check out our Strategic Plan

Photo by Skydive Auckland
Photo by Skydive Auckland
Photo by Chris Stewart
Photo by Chris Stewart

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