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The NZPF team are busy beavering away on various projects behind the scenes to make NZ skydiving better for everyone. Here is a quick summary of what’s going on:

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Australian & New Zealand Canopy Piloting Championships

The 2023 Australian & New Zealand Canopy Piloting Championships (including Freestyle and a new Blast category) will be held at Sydney Skydivers. Competition dates: 23 - 26 March (26 March weather day). DZ open for personal...

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Australian & New Zealand Canopy Piloting Championships

Australian & New Zealand Canopy Piloting Championships

The 2023 Australian & New Zealand Canopy Piloting Championships (including Freestyle and a new Blast category) will be held at Sydney Skydivers.
Competition dates: 23 – 26 March (26 March weather day).
DZ open for personal training prior to competition. Training camp with international coach TBC, January 2023
Aircraft: Super Caravan.
Registration will be released 3 months prior.

NZPF Safety Day/Evening – 2 Sept @ 5pm

NZPF Safety Day/Evening – 2 Sept @ 5pm

The NZPF works hard to support sport skydiving in New Zealand. One of the ways we do this is by promoting a safe environment to have fun in, you are never too old to learn something new and skydiving is a constantly evolving sport.
This year at our online safety day we have guests speakers Inbar Zamir, Mark Funnell, Mason Holden and Mason Corby.
This crew are all industry leaders and at the top of their game at what they do.
The link to this forum will be available on our website, first talk will commence at 5pm so log on early.
NZPF Safety Evening 2022
Friday, 2 September · 5:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/pve-koja-ucw
Or dial: ‪(NZ) +64 4 889 5123‬ PIN: ‪859 733 093‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/pve-koja-ucw?pin=3913306680577
Skydive Auckland Safety Day – 27 August

Skydive Auckland Safety Day – 27 August

On Saturday 27 August  at Skydive Auckland we are holding our annual safety day. We’re going to be getting together to:

1. Complete our annual requirements for you to be cleared in our system for jumping from 1 October (DZ briefs, gear checks, etc)

2. Complete the new NZPIA biennial competency requirement

3. Further advise you on recent changes to the NZPIA manual and discuss NZPF Crests.

4. Have some discussions on incidents/accidents, trends, best practice and how we can stay safe

5 Go jumping and enjoy a beer and a bite afterwards!

The event is free, but please register here: https://skydiveauckland.rezdy.com/513555/safety-day-and-competency-check

Winter Fest 2022

Winter Fest 2022

The winter months can be hard with the lack of boogies and events, so Skydive Bay of Islands is taking one for the team and bringing back their annual Winter Boogie! Yahoo!
What can you expect?
– Evening events
– Day tapes
– Prizes
– Beach jumps
– The opportunity to learn from some of the top-tier jumpers NZ has to offer
– Guaranteed good times!
What more could you ask for?!
LOs include:
– Mason Holden
– Liz Peace
– Brent Findlay
– Nick MacDonald
Nick will be running a First Flight Course on Thursday 23rd June – spaces are limited so get in quick!
(Your spot on the first flight course can be booked at the time of paying your rego)
What does your rego include?
– Access to coaching by Mason, Liz & Brent over the 3 days
– Event t-shirt
– Last load of the day beach jumps (B-License and above, weather permitting)
This event is open to all levels of skydivers, with coaches also available for non-license holders.
NZPF CP Nats 2022

NZPF CP Nats 2022

CP Nats is back at the kick ass pond at Skydive Auckland. 16 & 17 March are training days with Chris Stewart generously offering free coaching on 16 March. Thank you for giving back as always Chris. We don’t have qualified CP judges in NZ so we will train a team of volunteers to help judge this grassroots style national comp. Thanks to Chris Brook who is leading the judging team at CP Nats and Colin Smith who is meet director.
The competition is 18, 19, 20 March. We are planning a Distance, Accuracy and Freefall category in intermediate and open if there is enough interest.
Rego and apply for funding for training jumps by 10 Feb 2022: https://forms.gle/3UioBTYWhbXpekLa8
NZPF Freefall Nats 2022

NZPF Freefall Nats 2022

Freefall Nats this year is taking place at sunny Skydive Abel Tasman. Nationals is really just another skills camp and a fantastic opportunity to experience competition skydiving and learn from others at the event.  We have 4 way (A & AA), 2 way rookies, 2 way VFS (Open & Rookie Head Up) & Wingsuiting (Performance Open & Inter). Most categories will be judged remotely by APF/FAI judges. There’s $2500 in the Nationals Training Fund for Freefall Nats this year, so if you need some extra $$ for training jumps, don’t be shy!
The competition is officially 26 & 27 Feb and 28 Feb is weather/overflow day if needed.
Rego and apply for funding for training jumps by 1 Feb 2022: https://forms.gle/BMy1ViBSCXewTLDi6
How to apply for NZ Crests

How to apply for NZ Crests

Once you have completed the requirements for an NZ Crest you need a DZSO/Coach/Instructor (depends on crest) to sign your log book and insert the relevant sticker.
Then you complete the following Google form so the NZPF receives your details and records your crests:
Angles/Leader Applications coming soon…..

NZPF Nationals 2022

Just to let you know about our plans so far for NZPF Nationals 2022…
Freefall Nationals – 26 & 27 (28th weather day)Feb 2022, Skydive Abel Tasman
Belly – We will definitely have a 4 way category (A, AA, AAA as per regos). The plan is to send footage of competition rounds to be judged remotely by FAI judges. We will also run a blast 2 way category if there’s interest.
Wingsuiting – Last year we just did the judging ourselves with a little help from Flysight technology and highly experienced wingsuiters. We think this would be a good format again this year if we have interest.
Freefly – A few people have already flagged that they are interested in seeing a freefly category at Nats this year. If you are keen to get your freefly on for Nats, get in touch and we can decide what format it should take.
Canopy Piloting Nationals – 19 & 20 March 2022, Skydive Auckland
We will run a homegrown comp for Canopy Pilots, like last year. Unfortunately we have no current FAI CP judges in NZ. This comp cannot be judged remotely. So our plan is to train a team of volunteers to help us judge the comp as close to FAI rules as possible. Chris Stewart has generously agreed to train volunteers and Chris Brook has (really helpfully!) agreed to act as head judge. Thank you!!
We will plan for an Open and Inter category in Accuracy, Distance and Freestyle. We don’t have the technology to run a speed category.
We will be reaching out to CPs around NZ in the coming days to see if they are keen to be involved either in helping organise the event or as a participant. Or feel free to comment below.
Rego will be opening soon for these events. Stay tuned….


The AGM of the NZPF will be taking place via online video conference on Wednesday 15th December 2021 at 7pm.
We encourage as many members as possible to join us for the AGM. Not sure if you are a current member? Scan the QR code on your NZPIA licence for your NZPF membership status. Your NZPF membership automatically renews when you pay your NZPIA affiliation fees (unless you opt out) or you can join NZPF directly on this website.
At the AGM we will give you an update as to what the NZPF has been up to the last 12 months, and share our plans for the upcoming NZ skydiving season.
At our AGM this year we hope to pass the following Special Resolution:
“That the financial year of the NZPF be changed from 01 Oct to 30 Sept to 01 April to 31 March with effect from 01 April 2022.”
Here is a link to a proxy form if you cannot attend yourself but would like your vote to be counted. You must send your proxy form by 13 Dec latest: https://drive.google.com/…/1oht6…/view…
Here’s the meeting link:
Wednesday, 15 December · 7:00 – 8:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/jor-pwov-gtc
Or dial: ‪(NZ) +64 9-886 4203‬ PIN: ‪724 230 147‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/jor-pwov-gtc?pin=1609712996490

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NZPF Big Way Skills Camp 2022

NZPF Big Way Skills Camp 2022

We are planning a week-long big way skills camp (flat flying) in Taupo starting 4 April 2022. Big thanks to TTS for having us! We will start with smaller formations and hopefully build up to attempting a new NZ record by the end of the week. If we have enough willing and able participants we will attempt a new NZ Ladies Record and a new NZ Record.
We are still working out the details of this event, but we would like you to register your interest NOW (pretty please) so we can understand if there is enough interest. DO IT! Please note that there will be minimum experience requirements for this event. Registering your interest does not guarantee you a slot at the camp (see requirements below). We will work out costs and other details as soon as we can.
Here’s the plan for the camp so far:
April 4 & 5th – Big way warm up camp with ladies record attempt if we have enough interest. Boys are welcome to come to this part of the camp too. This is intended to be a 2 day warm up camp, weather day is 6th April.
April 7th to 10th – Big way camp with NZ record attempt. Multi plane formations and hopefully building a 40 way or as big as we can safely go. You must come to all 4 days of the big way camp if you want to take part…even if you are a big way ninja.
Sound exciting?!? It does to us! If you want to join NZPF Big Way Camp 2022 you will need to:
(1) Complete this form ASAP to register your interest: https://forms.gle/rr9koAHWboGbi36z9
(2) Hold an NZ Star Crest (Details here: https://docs.google.com/…/19yLK7Wt67cTC…/edit… )
(3) Have completed your NZPIA High Altitude Exam (https://www.nzpia.co.nz/requirements/High-Altitude )
(4) Attend at least one of the training camps during summer 2021/2022 that will be taking place at Skydive Auckland, Taupo Tandem Skydive and Skydive Abel Tasman;
(5) Have safe skills in big way skydiving as assessed by one of our LOs including exit, approach, docking, tracking, canopy control and landing;
(6) Have appropriate skydiving equipment including an RW jumpsuit with grips; AND
(7) Be a current member of the NZPF.
If you have any difficulty meeting the above criteria but you would like to work out a progression path to achieve what you need to take part, we would love to hear from you. There will be training events throughout the summer at Skydive Auckland, Taupo Tandem Skydive and Skydive Abel Tasman to help you get your NZ Star Crest and get ready for big ways.
Email us with any questions.

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Our Accomplishments

Here are some recently completed projects you might like to read about!

Guide to Wingsuiting in NZ

The NZPF brought together an advisory group of experienced wingsuiters from both NZ and Aussie to consider what guidance is needed for wingsuiting in NZ at this time. Their advice and knowledge was put together by the NZPF in an easy-to-read guide.

This guide was produced in response to feedback received from some DZ operators in NZ that know little about wingsuiting and are therefore nervous about welcoming wingsuiters to their DZ. The Guide to Wingsuiting in NZ gives guidance to DZ operators about novice wingsuiters, suit sizes etc.

The Guide also explains how to learn to wingsuit in NZ and what skydivers sharing the sky with wingsuiters should now. Read the guide in full on our Resources Page. This guide was produced with the generous support of the NZPIA.

Canopy Essential Skills & Downsizing

This guide was produced by NZPF and designed to help skydivers gain a better understand of their parachute and how it flies. If you are a skydiver, then you are also a canopy pilot on every jump. Having a solid understanding of how your canopy performs and responds will make you a better and safer pilot.

Downsizing to a smaller canopy is something all skydivers will do sooner or later, and most skydivers will do many times. This is a big decision that should be carefully considered every time. This guide discusses the information you should know and the essential skills you should master before choosing to downsize your canopy.

Check out our Resources Page for a copy of this guide. This guide was produced with the generous support of the NZPIA.

NZPF Values, Conduct & Respect Policy

Knowledge, Champion, Fairness, Fun… these are the core values of the NZPF. Read more about them on our Resources Page.

You can also read through our Conduct & Respect Policy – here at the NZPF we are committed to treating each other with respect. It costs nothing to be nice!

We expect all NZPF officials, members, and associates to abide by our Conduct & Respect Policy.

We’re Planning!

Check out our Strategic Plan

Photo by Skydive Auckland
Photo by Skydive Auckland
Photo by Chris Stewart
Photo by Chris Stewart