About the NZPF

The New Zealand Parachute Federation is the national body that promotes and facilitates sports and competition skydiving in NZ.

Our goal is to promote skydiving as a sport. We also seek to encourage safe skydiving events and competitions to encourage and facilitate skills progression in NZ skydiving. The NZPF is a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of all sports skydivers in NZ.


Establish a sustainable future for NZ sports skydiving.


Support events and competitions that promote sports skydiving or furthers the interests of NZ skydivers.


Collaborate with DZ operators to safeguard and improve opportunities and facilities for NZ skydivers.


Support our National Skydiving Team to represent NZ at skydiving competitions on an international level.


Raise awareness about learning to skydive in NZ to grow our community of skydivers.


Promote an inclusive skydiving culture in NZ.

Who Are the NZPF?

The NZPF was established as an incorporated society of its members in 1959. Each year we have approximately 600 skydivers on our membership list. Every 2 years an executive committee is voted in by members to run the NZPF. The committee has four executive roles:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The committee meets online on the first Friday of every month to discuss how to progress NZPF projects.


Our Executive Committee

Meet the current NZPF Executive Committee:

Sue Walsh

Sue Walsh


I have been a skydiver for almost 20 years. I learned on the static line back home in Ireland. I love to travel and I came to NZ about a decade ago and have been in the stunning South Island ever since, I’ve always been passionate about skydiving as a sport and I’m stoked to be involved with the NZPF. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I used to be a lawyer and now I run my own business in Nelson/Tasman so I have lots of commercial skills and experience to contribute to my role as President.

Email Sue

Lisa Chambers

Lisa Chambers


I started skydiving in Nov 2005. I was fortunate enough to spend 5yrs at Skydive Abel Tasman from late 2007-2013 and had a ball organising sports skydiving events. I am now currently the Business Manager for INFLITE and over seeing 3 drop zones in the South Island.

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Bonnie Kozeluh

Bonnie Kozeluh


As a non skydiving I believe I bring a distinctive outlook to the challenges of the skydiving community. I have had both professional and personal experience with many aspects of skydiving, including sport skydiving events, and have professional experience within the tandem industry.

Email Bonnie

Ian Purvis

Ian Purvis


I’m a software developer and I’m honoured to be able to supply all operational software to some great drop zones both here in NZ, and in Australia. The unique relationship I share with these operators has forced me to see beyond the weekend warrior.

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Join the NZPF

The NZPF is a voluntary organisation, dedicated to seeing NZ skydiving advance and that would not be possible without the support of our members.

For only $75 per year, your NZPF membership provides:

The opportunity to help promote, foster and shape the future of New Zealand sport skydiving.
An option to participate at all NZPF sanctioned events, including the New Zealand National Skydiving Championships and the opportunity to represent NZ overseas (please note that to skydive in NZ you must also be a current member of the NZPIA or NZPO).
FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) affiliation which is recognised worldwide, and access to an FAI Sporting Licence (compulsory for international competition).
Capacity to participate on official New Zealand record attempts.
Representation to governing bodies and stakeholders (NZPIA / CAA / Government).

Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

NZPF Membership

You can become a member of the NZPF in one of two ways:

  • When you pay your annual affiliation fees to the NZPIA you get automatic membership of the NZPF (unless you choose to opt out).
  • You can join the NZPF directly by completing this application form and paying $75 to our bank account.

Participating Members

Participating members are skydivers invited to participate in our monthly meetings and facebook messenger group. They help the committee to get a broader understanding of the needs and objectives of all skydivers around NZ. If you are interested to be a Participating Member please get in touch.

Our current participating members are; Henry Morgan, Nick McDonald, Sarah-Jane Bayram, Jamie Richards, Laura Brosnahan, Molly Griffith, Lily Cooney Wilson, Dakota Keen, Matt Mckay, and Ryan Brawley.

Learn more about the role here:

Other Roles

The NZPF has also created the following roles to help progress NZPF Projects:

  • NZPF Project Coordinator
  • NZ Records Officer
  • Social Media Coordinator


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Photo By Skydive Auckland
Photo By Skydive Auckland

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