This year we created a new role called NZPF Projects Coordinator. The NZPF Projects Coordinator does administrative and office duties for the NZPF i.e. answering enquiries, coordinating the voluntary NZPF team and overseeing NZPF projects to ensure they are progressing in accordance with NZPF objectives. This role is separate to the Executive Committee of the NZPF and so it is not subject to be voted on every 2 years. It’s a part time paid position (with buckets of voluntary work!). It’s ok for someone to hold the NZPF Projects Coordinator position and be on the NZPF Executive Committee at the same time. However, when their tenure on the committee comes to an end, they stay on as the NZPF Projects Coordinator to allow for better succession in NZPF projects. The Executive Committee oversees the work of the NZPF Projects Coordinator. NZPIA is providing funding to NZPF to cover the first years remuneration of the NZPF Projects Coordinator. Big thanks to the NZPIA for supporting this initiative. Sue Walsh is the first appointed NZPF Projects Coordinator (beer has already been bought!). Sue is also the current President of the NZPF.